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The new MicroShop ordering system

We are happy to announce the new Microshop ordering system.
The new improvements will enable to place an order online, and then to receive a link for downloading the installer.
You will also have access to your previous orders.

The order can be placed only by a worker who has an authorization for a university budget, and both confirmation and download link will be sent to him.
It is possible to order software on behalf of another student or worker in the department. In this case the message with the download instructions can be forwarded to them.

Note - the access to the syste, is only from HUJI's network (campus or Samba VPN)

What is the MicroShop?

The Microshop is a software shop for Hebrew University's satff (academic and administrative) only.
Software can be purchased only through university budgets, and is to be used only for academic purposes and for administrative purposes directly related to the employee’s assignments within the university.

The MIcroshop provides high demand products such as: Microsoft software, or licenses of scientific software, such as: Mathematica, Matlab, SPSS, etc.

License terms

The use of software is subject to license terms. Before proceeding please read carefully the detailed document.


Technical support
MicroShop: Licensing, and special orders



Hadassah orders

Hadassah employees who have academic appointments at the Hebrew University, may order software from the MicroShop.

The prices include university overhead for budgets' exchanges.

Following is the order procedure:

1. Download the Hadassah Price-list intended for Hadassah employees who have academic appointments at the Hebrew University: Price-list

2. Download an order form

3. The form should be filled-out by you and signed by Hadassah's Finances division.

4. The signed form should be sent, only by email, back to: avivae@savion.huji.ac.il

5. You will receive a message with a link to download the software you've ordered.

Last updated: 25/07/2016