Savion - Setting Up
Mail X
(Mac OS 10.6)


First Time...


  • If it is the first time you open Mail X, and the following window has been opend, than go to Step 3.

Step 1


  • After loading Mail X

  • Click Mail in the upper menu bar.

  • Click Preferences...


Step 2


  • Click the + sign at the bottom of the window in order to add an account.

Step 3


  • Full Name: Type your full name

  • Email Address: Type your full address in the format:

  • Password: Type your password

Step 4

  • Choose if you want to synchronize your contacts and calendars also.

  • Click Create

Step 5

  • Type your keychain password (in case you have one...)
  • Click OK

Step 6


    • Enter your e-mail account password
    • Choose Remember this password in my keychain
    • Click OK


Last updated: 27/07/2011

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